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5 elizabethclay

LeSans is awesome.

She is smart, friendly, answers all of your questions (no matter how many times you ask them. So she’s patient, too), and made our whole home buying process very easy. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to buy a home in the Pittsburgh area.

I hope we found the home we live in for the rest of our lives. But if we move again, I know exactly who I am calling for help.

Words can’t described how pleased we are with LeSans. She’s the best.

5 EileenGroetzingerWilhem

LeSans is the consumate professional ensuring that all details are worked through fairly and accurately for all parties. She delights in exceeding your expectations and always goes the extra mile. She has my highest endorsement, she is a true treasure.

5 user55481215

LeSans could not understand why our house had not sold with the other realtors after 3 years. She took a real interest in our house. She gave us several suggestions on how to improve the inside (take out carpeting to show off wood floors, paint, new sink etc). She helped do some staging using her own furniture and accessories. She also included a chart for potential buyers with an idea about enlarging the living room by tearing down a wall to make it into a great room. We gave her a challenge to sell the home in 6 months and she was able to do it. LeSans was a pleasure to work with would let us know right away when people looked at the house and what the comments were. I would definitely recommend LeSans to anyone wanting to sell their home.

5 user9257647

LeSans is a wonderful person and an outstanding agent who understands the business and is concerned about her client’s needs, She went above and beyond what I expected. She is a joy to work with since she is always cheerful and smiling no matter what the situation is. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her again if the opportunity should arise.

5 user6202955

When we moved to the Pittsburgh area LeSans was our buying agent and five years later when it was time for us to move away she was our listing agent. LeSans is extremely knowledgeable about the area. She helped us find the perfect house and when it came time to sell our house her knowledge and marketing skills were a large reason it sold so quickly. We really enjoyed working with her. She is very responsive, almost always immediately, it seems like she works nonstop. She is also very patient and understanding. We would highly recommend LeSans to anyone, she was a delight to work with and made both of our moving experiences tremendously easier.

5 user2867753

I first met Ms. Montgomery via phone when I still lived in Austin, TX in spring 2012. My family and I were planning to move to Pittsburgh, but wanted to rent for a year. Although she did not handle rentals, she still went out of her way to offer advice and even stop by the property I was planning to rent since I couldn’t visit before sending in a deposit. After relocating to Pittsburgh, we kept in touch and she expressed genuine interest in our transition process. After almost a year of renting, we were ready to buy and there was no one else I would have asked besides LeSans. She is clearly very familiar with city of Pittsburgh and the market. This is only our second time purchasing a home, but our first time in PA so it was helpful to have someone so knowledgeable guiding us. She quickly picked up on the type of home we were looking for, communicated with us regularly, was extremely responsive and when an appraisal process became complicated and frustrating, she was in our corner every step of the way. In the end, we are beyond thrilled with our purchase and enjoyed our relationship with Ms. Montgomery every step of the way.

5 user8890233

I was a first time homebuyer so I cast a line out to multiple real estate agents at every firm and I stuck with LeSans because she had the patience to deal with someone who knew nothing about the home buying process and she definitely understood me the best.

LeSans grew up in Pittsburgh so she was very capable of telling me about the pros/cons of each of the different neighborhoods, incredibly helpful since I’m also new to the Pittsburgh area. As with most househunting experiences, the houses and neighborhoods started to get jumbled together in my mind, but she was patient enough to reiterate everything she had said before… multiple times.

I’ve got to say the best thing about her is that she is INCREDIBLY cheerful, and will get back to you ASAP, usually later that day or the next at the latest. She’s also extremely dedicated to her work – she phoned me while she was out sick! She’s also great about giving you a heads up if she’s got a vacation coming up or certain times that won’t work.

To reiterate, she’s got a great personality, has an amazing knowledge of the market, and is incredibly dedicated to making sure you have an amazing time buying a house, even if you are completely new like me.

5 user09936761

LeSans is amazing. She came to look at the home I was selling, and quickly made recommendations for improving my chances to sell, I made the upgrades, and the first person she showed it too made an immediate offer! She is great at negotiating & very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her.

5 zhane920

I highly recommend Mrs. Montgomery. She demonstrated the ability to successfully build a rapport with my husband, our children, and me to gain an understanding of what wanted we in terms of location, style, children, neighborhood, school district, taxes, etc. Her working knowledge of the area was impressive. Mrs. Montgomery’s level of professionalism, communication skills, education, knowledge, and application of experience was beyond distinguished. She personalized all of our interactions and completed a successful in-person negotiation when it came time to close. Her analysis of the neighborhood and property value were dead on and served to be an invaluable asset during our negotiations. When it came time to complete the plethora of tasks (deposit, credit review, loan officer requests, appraisal, inspection, documents, etc.), she was sure to review our understanding of complex jargon, documents, and materials in a timely, personable, and efficient manner. Not to mention her strong educational background rooted in an undergrad degree from CMU and an MBA from Harvard, which she humbly acknowledged once I discovered after reading an online review. I recommend her without ANY reservations!

5 user9576252

Me and my husband were looking for houses in Monroeville for over two years and went through many agents. But it didn’t work out very well. One day randomly I was checking out Zillow website and noticed that LeSans stood out by her reviews. I contacted her the same week and went out to tour one of the houses we selected. Ever since the first meeting she has done more than we expected, she is very responsive to email, stays on top of every needs and concerns, and understands the buyers point view really well. After month of searching for house with her, we finally came down to our first DREAM HOME in Monroeville. Our next process started with negotiation with seller party and she helped us immensely in negotiating price and working out deal with seller agent. She even helped us to find good lenders and we got best APR for home financing. She stands by you and always tries to help you even if it’s out of her normal duties. I can go on and on about her, but I will end this on higher note. We HIGHLY recommend LeSans as realtor. We will definitely contact her again in the future for any realtor related service.

5 TerryFoster3

This is going to be hard because I know that nothing I can type will do LeSans justice! The bottom-line is that she is GREAT. I personally had a lot of questions, and LeSans made sure every single one was always answered. She is super responsive and even is willing to communicate in the method that is most convenient for you. My fiancee and I never at one moment felt like LeSans was putting any pressure on us in order to get close a sale, it was evident that she really did have our best interests at heart.

On top of being a superb and knowledgeable agent…she is an even better person. These days when dealing with business, it is getting harder and harder to find people like LeSans.

I am so glad she was on our team!!! We have already began to recommend her to anyone we know even thinking about purchasing a home..and we can’t sing her praises loud enough. Thanks so much.

5 user9791226

LeSans is excellent to work with: a true professional and personable, knowledgeable, resourceful and caring as well as she is terrifically informative, patient, and encouraging. Plus she is highly organized, prompt, and responsive: she gave us good advices and answered every one of our questions and emails 24/7 (!) walking us through every step of the process of purchasing our first home. Finding an agent that you can trust is very important and LeSans Montgomery is this kind of an agent. You can be certain that LeSans will do a great job for you whatever the real estate services you might need.

5 user8635779

I don’t know where to begin….. Ok I’ll start off by saying LeSans Montgomery is truly a expert/professional at what she does! Not only did she find my wife and I our dream home but she also sold our previous home in just a couple short months AND was able to get me the money I wanted out of the house I was selling! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND LeSans to anyone who is looking to either sell or buy a home. Throughout our entire process of buying and selling our homes she has always maintained a personal yet professional relationship with my wife and I that has made me a lifetime client/friend of hers! Thank you so much LeSans for everything you have done and continue to do for our family and please know it does not go unappreciated.

5 debbienorrell

My sister and I had a very difficult problem to solve – purchase our family home and rescue it from a reverse mortgage. Once we supplied LeSans with all the details she jumped in with both feet and now the reverse mortgage has been paid off and we own the home. She is a great person to work with and I will work with her again.

5 dpwormsley

LeSans helped us buy a house we love, and guided us through some tense negotiations with a great sense of humor and patience. We would recommend her to anyone! We had a great real estate agent and now a new friend! Thanks, LeSans!

5 arclark730

LeSans is a great agent. She knows the real estate business well. She is very professional while still being engaging and people oriented. She does her homework and makes great suggestions. She was also very responsive to our specifications for a home. I would strongly recommend LeSans.

5 shaladarwin

Working with LeSans was truly a blessing. Her knowledge regarding the home buying process was very impressive. She kept me fully aware of every step of the process. As a first time home buyer it was very helpful. LeSan’s support throughout the entire process was amazing. I am truly grateful for her services. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

5 bethanyjdvorak

LeSans was a very helpful and responsive agent. She helped us find a home while we were living out of the area as first time home buyers. She knew the market and the area very well and was able to guide us in the right direction. She also was able to recommend other services in the area when we needed them. I would highly recommend her.

5 whldwright803

Our experience with LeSans was and is positive. She went above and beyond what we normally see in RE agents. We live out of town and she handled our sell and kept us informed of everything that we needed to do. She even handled some of our sell prep work. She found vendors to repair the necessary repairs and provide cleaning service. She enhanced our house to maximize our net sales gain. I would recommend her to anyone. By the time the sale was complete, she more like one of our kids. TRUE JOY to work with.

5 nnelson8

LeSans was an excellent realtor. She took the time to explain the process and was always available to answer my questions and concerns. LeSans worked well on communicating my wishes and requests to the seller with positive results. I would recommend LeSans to others looking to buy or sell a home.

5 delta vega

LeSans was very knowledgeable about the market, provided sound and honest advice as to pricing and marketing, and always demonstrated poise and professionalism throughout the entire process. On a personal level, she was positive and accessible, and always pleasant. Overall, we had a great experience with LeSans.

5 kareehamlin

I initially began my house hunt working with another agent before I was referred to LeSans. My first conversation with LeSans immediately piqued my interest and excitement as a new buyer. I changed agents almost instantaneously. Our first interaction was filled with options; she turned my wish list into a custom made home search tailored to exactly what I was looking for. From beginning to end, she was knowledgeable about the neighborhoods she was introducing me to, helped me to set realistic goals and expectations, she was available any time I had a question or concern, and was patient on explaining theories such as cost breakdown and negotiation tactics. She was even able to help identify things in the home I would need to be concerned about: she had the knowledge base of a home inspector! During times of frustration, LeSans helped to keep me focused on the big picture and was a huge help in acting as my advocate when facilitating the deal between me, the seller/their agent, and the bank. If there was ever a setback or delay in timing, she anticipated it beforehand and prepared me accordingly. On a more personal level, LeSans really took the time to get to know me and my family which allowed her to make valuable observations and recommendations. My kids loved how LeSans included their wishes into our house hunt!

I would absolutely recommend LeSans Heard-Montgomery to anyone looking to purchase a home. I found my dream home and was able to purchase and move in just under 3 months. I hope we will be here forever, but in the event that we ever need to sell, without a doubt we will use LeSans as our agent! She was likable, dependable, firm during negotiations, flexible with her time, and accommodating with our various changes to our wish list.

5 bryanj362

I have experienced LeSans Montgomery to be very knowlegeable in Realestate sales as a whole. She impressed me with her honesty of truthfulness as well as her excellent skills to negotiate prices. Her immediate, professional responsiveness to expedite from the “craddle to the grave” closing deal was expedient. I totally recommend her and she would be the first to call on other Realestate matters.

5 kmrejr

LeSans Montgomery is highly organized, extremely motivated, and can be described as a very skilled real estate professional. I was a first time property seller and she led me through the process with patience and detailed information which help me to feel confident in decisions being made. Ms. Montgomery aggressively sought successful solutions to several challenging problems encountered during the sale of my Mother‘s property. I had the opportunity to be the beneficiary of her extensive real estate knowledge and experiences, dynamic negotiating skills, and commitment to excellence.

5 chipwalter

I really can’t recommend LeSans enough. She is enthusiastic, smart, thorough, knowledgeable about the real estate business, thinks strategically, great communicator, is instantly responsive, extremely honest and works closely with you to give your house the very best chance to sell. My house had been on the market for years. She moved it in months. She earns her commission. If she has time to take you on as a client, do it! (PS This review is unsolicited.)

5 user01180686

LeSans is a fantastic agent. She strives to work in the best interests of her clients. Our family relocated from out of state and we were very fortunate to have LeSans represent us. She is very knowledgeable about Pittsburgh, as well as the mechanics of sound real estate deals. She became our trusted advisor from the negotiation of the initial offer, to dealing with our lender, all the way through closing. We plan to call on her again for any and all real estate dealings we have in the future. We can’t recommend her enough. In fact, we plan to recommend her to friends who plan to begin their house hunt soon. You will not be disappointed!

5 finch8102

I relied heavily on LeSans promise to help me sale my home. LeSans Professional experience in concluding the process has been very pleasant!! Thank You LeSans and keep helping people stay informed and well represented.

5 zuser20150309095708489

I found the home that I wanted and then turned to LeSans to help me get it. She is dynamic and responsive to my needs and questions. She is absolutely knowledgeable about the many legalities involved in this complicated process. LeSans helped me with figuring out where to look for financing, and she was with me every step of the way. Next step: selling my house! This task seems far less daunting with LeSans guiding the way!

5 LesScales

Wow! Just wow! LeSans was everything that you would want an agent to be. She consistently went above and beyond the call of duty. For a first time buyer she guided me through the process, offered encouragement along the way, gave me honest feedback, and was very responsive. The most endearing quality about LeSans is she is not simply interested in getting a house sold, she cares deeply for the people she works with throughout the entire process.

5 kellow127

I I couldn’t have chosen a better Agent to represent us in selling my Mom’s home. It was a difficult decision for her to sell after living there for 48 years and raising a family. But as a widow the house became too much and it was time to move on. LeSans was very sensitive to my Mom’s need to sell quickly and to sell at a reasonable price. She walked me through all the steps to take in order to prepare the house for sell, and was always available to answer questions and help with decision making. There were times she went out of her way to help me when unexpected problems came up. While we were fortunate to find a Buyer, the Buyer’s agent was extremely difficult to work with. LeSans was able to navigate through all of the issues and in the end we were able to close and both the Seller and Buyer were satisfied with the results. If I ever sell my house I wouldn’t hesitate to choose LeSans to represent me.

5 user5492632

We were working with a different agent for close to 6 months. We looked at over 30 homes & couldn’t find what we wanted. We felt we were doing all the work. We decided to try someone different. The first time meeting LeSans we clicked. There was something about her that was different. She showed us a total of 3 homes & we ended up purchasing the one of them. We were 1st time homebuyers and she walked us thru the entire process. She was patient & explained everything. She made a very stressful process easy and provided guidance during the entire journey. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve come across in a long, long time. I highly recommend her for all your buying & selling needs. Thanks again LeSans for all your hard work and dedication.

5 janis1111wardall

My husband and I have moved 17 times during our 40 year marriage. Most times we bought and sold properties. We’ve had homes in Oregon, Florida, Ohio, and Texas. Not to mention the 6 homes we have had in PA. You might say, we’ve had a lot of experience with realtors. Le Sans is the very BEST. She knows her business and works quickly and confidently with you. She can sense what you want and doesn’t waste time showing properties you would never be interested in. And if she sells your property, she has the energy and know how to get you the best deal. But the greatest asset Le Sans has is her personality. You just love being around her.

5 Nicklos

LeSans was a lifesaver and I would totally recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. She sold the house in a record period of time and took care of EVERYTHING because we had already relocated out of the state. PHENOMENAL.

5 user2506566

LeSans was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of buying a home. She was not pushy, but instead made sure we got exactly what we wanted in buying a home. She made sure we were comfortable with our home from the amenities included to the price we paid for our home. We were not surprised by anything because she kept us well informed and made sure we took everything into consideration to ensure we were comfortable in buying our home. My husband and I would happily work with LeSans again and definitely recommend her to others.

5 zuser20160320114039551

LeSans is a wonderful knowledgeable realtor that goes above and beyond for her clients. She takes the time to thoroughly explain everything and helps you understsnd the sometine frustrating difficult home buying purchase. I recently heard horror stories about realtors being unprofessional and not fully helping their clients. With LeSans you do not have to worry, she is professional caring and knows how to negotiate. You will be in great hands with Lesans. I highly recommend her.

5 jasminebsn3

I can not say enough positive things about my experience with LeSans Montgomery. She was professional, attentive, knowledgeable and efficient. I was a first time homebuyer and LeSans answered my 50 million questions in a timely manner. She gave me encouragement and honest advice when I was unsure. She basically held my hand through the entire home buying experience. She went as far as to serve as a substitute therapist for my poor mother who was so upset that her only child was finally leaving the nest. LOL! She was spectacular!!! I plan on buying a lot more property in the future and honestly can’t imagine working with another real estate agent. I’m excited about my future in real estate and I am confident now that I have LeSans Montgomery on my side!

5 p2murray

LeSans is the quintessential real estate professional. She provided excellent advice about the market–timing, pricing, staging, showing–you name it. She was always on track with follow-up of the many events along the way between seller and potential buyer. She kept us fully in the loop about transactions. Finally, LeSans is a very gracious and warm individual and we thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

5 user1316768

I had a amazing experience working with LeSans! She helped me Sale my house in a Matter of Days… She is a Expert at what she does is all I can say, she always kept me informed on everything that was going on with the folks who were inquiring about the Property, any questions I had she was Johnny on the Spot with a Answer. (LOL) I would have No problem at all recommending someone to her, she is a Great Person & Funny as all Ever, I definitely will be calling her to help me with my next Purchasing of a House!

5 ktsegel

We were very impressed and satisfied with LeSans, through both a rental and the sale of a house. LeSans is very knowledgeable about the local market, expert at the process, and something I particularly appreciated — data driven. She also listened to our strong opinions (also data driven :)) and together we constructed good “let’s test” experiments that we put into action to good effect. She is very responsive day to day. She gave good negotiating advice and handled her part of it very well. It felt like good teamwork. A real expert … highly recommended.

5 slimjimcush

LeSans is great at her job and a great person in general…ill will be forever grateful to her for everything she has done for me and my girlfriend. I told her at the beginning of the process that I would need help every step of the way. She had no problem keeping me up with the things I had to do thank you so much

5 mcstarkey4

LeSans was wonderful to work with on the sale of my father’s property. He passed away before we could complete the sale and she pushed on to get the deal closed. One less thing for my family to worry about during a difficult time. She went above and beyond!

5 debbienorrell

This is my third time working with LeSans Montgomery and it was by design. She knows real estate inside and out. My issues have not been typical but she has been able to make everything go smooth. I look forward to working with her again.

5 mellapdius

LeSans was really great. We were selling a house from out of town and LeSans was most patient as we worked through the process on this end with respect to pricing, marketing and ultimate sale. We listed in mid december and the house was closed by mid february–You can’t ask for much better than that! We would highly recommend her.

5 mud1971

If I could give LeSans 10 stars, I would. I was apprehensive about buying a home before selling the home I was living in. I knew for my family’s situation, it would be less stressful to buy then sell but I was nervous about timing everything right. LeSans’ knowledge of the market, her attention to each detail and deadline in the process, and her negotiation skills made the process go smoother than I could have imagined. She addressed all my concerns and answered all questions, sometimes more than once. She remained in constant contact throughout the process. I found LeSans professionalism, sense of humor, and responsiveness invaluable. But most important was her ability and willingness to listen to my family’s needs throughout this process and provide honest feedback while negotiating in our best interest.

5 cscott445

1) professionally evaluated the sell of the property 2) was available for questions and advice as needed 3) made sure that all papers were signed and all steps were completed on our part 4) great job in serving as power of attorney 5) made calls that provided for hauling of unwanted items 6) assisted in calls in getting last minute repairs done 7) assisted with arranging for last minute clean sweep of property 8) always great to talk to and easing the stress of the whole process

5 zuser20150401070918082

LeSans is an incredible agent and an even better person. She was thorough, thoughtful and incredibly responsive during our home search and buying process. It is clear that LeSans is well respected in the market and maintains the highest ethical standards. As first time buyers, we especially appreciated her anticipation of and preparation for potential challenges, honest guidance and calming presence. Above all, she was incredibly patient even while racing to prepare offers in tight windows. We felt like her only clients – I don’t know how she does it.

5 audrey kitzes

We were first time home buyers, and LeSans was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable as she guided us through our home purchase. She’s very experienced, has a wealth of local knowledge, and was able to effectively advise us on everything from negotiation through where to find a home inspector. She also happens to be a fun person to hang out with for a few days, whether you’re buying or selling. Very highly recommended!

5 englishsam2

She was very professional, reliable, honest and dependable. I don’t think my home would have sold if it wasn’t for her perseverance. LeSana was very patience with me and those who came to see my home. There were times she would have to spend one to two hours just showing my home and she never complained.

5 zuser20170126065922390

My wife and I are moving to Pittsburgh from Switzerland and recently purchased a house that we are renovating for our arrival. LeSans was brilliant throughout the process. She met us and spent a day showing us houses during our visit to Pittsburgh. She promptly followed up on all the houses we were interested in from abroad. She helped arrange mortgage pre-approvals and helped us bid on two houses we did not purchase. When we finally found THE house, she led us through the complex international purchase process from beginning to end. LeSans has everything you want in a realtor: knowledge, efficiency, honesty, smarts and heart. We cannot recommend her too highly. If there were 6 stars, she would get them all.

5 ertelmbe

We were very impressed by her professionalism and integrity. She was incredibly conscientious and responsive throughout the entire process. We would definitely recommend her to our friends.

5 user805175

LeSans has been a GOD sent. She has worked diligently with providing efficient communications regarding the status of our listing. Her excellent attention to detail has helped us make decisions based on her knowledge of the industry. Her personable attitude and upbeat spirit has enabled us to address business needs in a timely manner, through a difficult time frame.

5 user5979370

I was a first-time homebuyer and unaware of the activities involved in locating the right place for my family.

I was casually looking for houses about 6 months prior to meeting LeSans. I met with multiple agents over that timeframe. I was very cautious/ skeptical to sign and lock in with an agent during that period. I realized that this was a commission based business and wanted to find an agent that was fair and honest.

I was referred to LeSans Montgomery from a friend who purchased his home with her assistance. He wanted to ensure that my real estate agent would look out for my best interest.

LeSans was very patient in explaining the process and answering many questions along the way. She is a very detailed oriented and thorough individual. I was ecstatic to find that LeSans wasn’t pushy but extremely pleasant. It didn’t take long for me to tell that I was in great hands.

LeSans worked a countless amount of hours on our behalf providing excellent advice along the way. As in the movie “Pay it forward”- I’ve encouraged others in my network to reach out to LeSans. She definitely makes the home buying procedure a truly wonderful experience!!!!

5 user264607

LeSans is wonderful! She made our home buying experience such a positive one. As first-time home buyers, she was extremely patient with us as we worked through the process of identifying what we wanted in our first purchase and spent countless hours working with us to provide information and answer our unending questions. She has extensive experience with and knowledge of the local market. She is absolutely trustworthy and goes the extra mile to provide all of the research and information that one would need to make informed decisions. We always felt that she was working with our best interest in mind. I would, without hesitation, absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell!

5 realrap

Do yourself a favor and work with LeSans Montgomery. She is everything you need in a realtor, and you definitely want her on your team if you’re buying or selling a home. She helped my family sell our home in a challenging neighborhood, and purchase a new home, and we were thrilled with her work. Even though she had a full work load of clients, she was very attentive to our needs and we always felt like her only customer! She provided exceptional customer service in the following ways:

1) LeSans is highly responsive, available to us, and a no-nonsense communicator. Your phone calls, emails and text messages will not go unanswered. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she will find out and promptly get back to you. 2) She is your assertive, no-nonsense, ally in ALL levels of buy/sell negotiations, and she is quite a savvy negotiator. 3) She has a solid network of reliable contacts in many areas who are helpful throughout the buy/sell process. 4) She cares about her clients and keenly anticipates their needs. 5) She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate, marketing, and finance. 6) She is honest, trustworthy, and kind. 7) She goes the extra mile to get deals done.

We would not hesitate to work with LeSans again, and we highly recommend her at every opportunity!

5 user9481371

LeSans Montgomery is one of the most if not the most thorough,knowledgable,and honest agent with whom I’ve been in contact. She studies the market and by doing so she is able to meet the needs of her clinets with respect to their prospective location, their income and overall needs.I highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling their home.

5 JJD6

I will always call LeSans realitor extraordinaire! LeSans is very modest because she does not tell you that she holds a degree from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from Harvard Business school. She doesn’t boast about this but I think it enhances her qualifications and demonstrates why she is more than a cut above all other existing real estate professionals. Also, LeSans is extremely technologically proficient (which I love) and way advanced over other agents with utilizing smart phone, texting, email, her web site, computers, scanning, etc. LeSans executes professionally and flawlessly. She is on top of every action item the seller has and even the buyer’s agent action items to ensure closings are executed on time. She recently listed my home and sold my home within 2 months. I had full faith and confidence in her and listened to her opinions and recommendations. She provided timely feedback from potential buyers which helped me to correct defects or position my home better for sale. She relentlessly pursued buyer feedback from buyers agents to obtain this valuable feedback because it wasn’t readily available. I was out of town so that any items that arose such as furniture removal for the salvation army, repairs, and municipality inspections, she took care of flawlessly even while volunteering to take 40 teens to tour Washington DC. LeSans totally outperforms any agent in the market today as evidenced by her knowledge, experience and proactive actions to prevent unforseen problems. (I have previous experience with other agents). Being an overachiever myself, I recognize that LeSans is one as well and you will be pleased you chose her to sell your home or buy one for you. If you require additional information, I will tell LeSans that I will be more than happy to contact you if you so desire. If you believe as I do, that most people are operating under complacency and incompetency today as the new normal, you will be so glad to have an agent with exceptional interpersonal communication skills who strategizes, plans, negotiates and executes like a corporate VP.

4 user7527846

Although LeSans wasn’t my agent, I did have the chance to talk to him for a few minutes regarding interest in a couple homes that he could show. He was very helpful and was glad to extend some time and knowledge to me.

4 tjspinablackfish

I have bought several properties through the years. I just bought a new home in the Greenfield/Sq Hill area of Pittsburgh. My recent experience with REMAX and Ms Heard Montgomery went very smoothly. She is extremely patient and knowledgable. She is all about “professionalism.” If you’re looking to buy or sell a property in the East End (or anywhere in Pittsburgh for that matter) I would highly recommend LeSans Heard Montgomery for ALL your Real Estate needs !

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